About Us

"Transformed into something beyond our imagination...''

From a simple weekend science project between a father and daughter came our unexpected journey. It all started when we discovered tiny monarch caterpillars in our garden. Lacking knowledge on how to raise them, we turned to online guidance. Through numerous Google searches over the weeks, we discovered a distressing reality: many of these exquisite creatures face a very low survival rate in the wild, compounded by habitat destruction threatening their population. Struck by this news and now having developed a deeper connection with butterflies, we felt a profound urge to amplify the message and raise awareness about this critical issue. Join us in raising awareness about the plight of the butterfly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to book this for a private event?

The simple answer is ''It Depends". We cost our events based on how many people will be participating. This is how we gauge how many butterflies to bring and how much staff is required to be present.  Feel free to Contact Us for our rates.

What Kind of Butterflies Are Available for the events?

Currently, we work with only native California species. These are the butterflies that you may commonly see in your gardens or in the outdoors locally. To list a few, we carry Monarchs, Painted Ladies, Giant Swallowtails, Red Admirals, and Cabbage Whites. These may vary from season to season. 

How do you have these butterflies?

We breed and rear many of the butterflies from their caterpillar stage at our private facility located in Philips Ranch, CA. The butterflies we house often reproduce, and we dedicate continuous care and attention to their well-being. Additionally, we collaborate with other reputable breeders in our efforts. 

How do you transport the butterflies?

The butterflies are transported to the events in small enclosures that are placed in coolers with ice-packs. The ice keeps them calm during transport. After the events, they are carefully placed back into the enclosures by our butterfly handlers. 

Do you do public events?

Absolutely! We frequently receive invitations to participate in outdoor markets, festivals, trade shows, and more. If you believe our presence would enhance your event, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.

What is that liquid on my q-tip used to attract the butterflies?

The liquid we dip your q-tip in is a solution made of sugar, salt, and water. Butterflies love this mix because it gives them the energy they need to fly. 

Can I touch the butterflies?

We highly advise against handling the butterflies with your hands. These delicate creatures should only be handled by professionals. If a butterfly happens to land on you, there's no need to worry. Simply approach one of our handlers, and they will assist in safely removing it before you leave.